Explore the Countryside and Culinary Art of Spain

Slow Food, Slow Wine, Slow Walks

Imagine a romantic destination. Where is it? For many people, classically romantic destinations are often based in Europe. You don’t need to sell out to clichés, to appreciate why that is. For one thing, many romantically-themed movies are set in Europe, in the beautiful villages and countryside along the Mediterranean, where passion flows. There is no better example than Spain.

burgos_spainApart from the treasure trove of Spanish artists: El Greco, Diego Velázquez, Francisco Goya, Dali and Cevantes, there is the passion encapsulated in the flamenco. At Holidays for Humanity, we specialize in romantic getaways and culinary workshops. In fact, this is our most popular time of year for these kinds of breaks. So you are not alone in thinking about a Spanish rose or two, or even a castle. Slow food, slow wine and slow walks afterwards are a part of our packages and culinary tours to Spain.

D1F8949-rgb2-600x395We invite you to take a culinary tour of the timeless Spanish wine region and villages of La Rioja, which includes the birthplace of Cevantes. You will visit the church of San Pedro and the monastery of St. Domingo de Silos and expand your senses at Spain’s famed ‘Museum of Wine’.

This well-designed, independent culinary tour includes a car rental, accommodation, and tours of the region’s most treasured cultural assets. Your six days includes continental buffet breakfast daily, as well as car rental with driving details and a suggested itinerary. Imagine the adventure…

Here are some more details: http://www.holidaysforhumanity.com/spains-wine-castle-country.


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