The Benefits of an All-Inclusive Vacation Package

Why choose an all-inclusive package? 

The thinking behind an all-inclusive vacation package is that it relieves you of the stresses and effort of arranging, researching and paying for all the elements of your holiday separately. These elements may include things such as flights, hotel-bookings, car-rentals and local tours. The idea of the “all-inclusive” holiday supposedly originates from the 1950s when Club Med began to use the term with regard to their resort packages in Mallorca, an island off Spain. These packages tended to be aimed at single people looking for adventure. The international travel scene has since come a long way of course.

luxury holiday package

Enchantment Resort Sedona

Great Expectations

When you book an all-inclusive vacation, there are certain things you expect. You defer judgment in some cases to the wisdom of the travel company who possess esoteric knowledge of the region. They will have relationships with the hotels and experience of what add-ons tourists have enjoyed in the past. Nowadays there is an expectation from vacationers that travel companies be more culturally and environmentally conscious. There is a new demand for ethical and purposeful travel. 

Bali Vacation

Themed Packages   

Increasingly, package vacations are themed to target niche clientele. These all-inclusive vacations provide an underlying thread. This underlying thread may be “health and wellbeing”for instance, in which case your vacation will be filled with healthy activities such as yoga retreat and meditation.

Yoga retreat

It may have an educational or cultural thread. It may have a food focus that pits you hunting truffles in Italy or tasting wine is Chile.

Culinary Vacation SedonaIt may incorporate volunteer work with a worthwhile agency.

volunteering abroad in Guatemala


Generally an all-inclusive vacation will offer you a novel and streamlined experience. Something you would find difficult to replicate on your own. There should always be an added-value factor. Something which facilitates and draws attention to new possibilities. Always look for more when you book a package vacation. In a world of possibility, no experience is excluded.


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