Food and Landscape: In Search of Authentic Culinary Experiences

There is a growing appreciation for the cultural significance of all things culinary. A country’s food is as integral to its identity as its rivers and mountains. We live with our food the way we live with our landscapes. Perhaps for this reason, food is becoming more central to our vacations.


Pursuing the Authentic 

The fascination with authentic culinary experiences can be explained in part by increased globalization. Nowadays it’s possible to walk down a street in any major city and find a variety of national food outlets; Indian, Italian, Indonesian, Greek etc. The exposure to a richer variety of food broadens our knowledge and often wets our appetite for something more.  Soon we wish to experience the food within its original context.

A Piece of the Puzzle 

Food becomes like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. To see the whole picture you first have to put it together with its natural landscape. You have to achieve that authentic immersive experience which a local outlet can only approximate. The culinary and cultural tour is in many ways a response to that impulse.

The English Pub  

The atmosphere of a traditional English pub is not something that can really be outsourced or exported. You can imitate the décor and even the menus but beyond that you can only fail. Too much remains innate and culturally specific. So much is to do with the people, the conversations, the history… the old world warmth, the open fires. An English pub makes no sense in any other context.


No wonder then that you can now take a cultural and culinary tour of English pub restaurants! In the picturesque Severn Valley you can sample traditional pub-grub accompanied by wine or cider. Find freshly baked bread from the traditional market at Shrewsbury. Let the rolling hills and secluded rural walks sooth the digestion. Kick back in the evening in luxury accommodation and start fresh in the morning with a delicious English breakfast.


National dishes are always special. They always have a story. An explanation. They draw us to the landscapes and peoples behind them. This tour of English pub culture is available through Holidays with Humanity. Check out their wide range of cultural and culinary tours. See the world through the eyes of humanity. Travel with a purpose!


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