Volunteering Abroad, a work and play vacation

The travel world has changed over the years, and more and more of us are willing to trade volunteer time in a foreign country for the chance to really experience the land and people in an interesting location. By volunteering to help with a local project travellers get real interaction with the people of the region, and a cultural immersion experience.

Volunteering abroad travel experiences are available in many areas of the world. Many parts of Africa, Asia and South America, make excellent, safe opportunities for western visitors. Other countries throughout Europe and the Caribbean may also present fantastic opportunities.

Marine Conservation- Saving Cambodia’s Beaches

Dolphin Conservation in Belize

A little research on your part will produce a great experience and a worthy result for both you and the area you are volunteering in.

The so called “Voluntours” offer the most structure but can vary a great deal in how much effort on your part is expected.Ask lots of questions before you book, and remember most of your fee will go to the tour company.

Socially responsible travel still requires research on your part even if you are an independent volunteer. Ensure that the project you are getting involved in is appropriate for the area. It should also meet your moral and ethical values as well of the cultural needs of the region. Not every project is really valuable culturally or high on the eco-standards list. Even non-profit driven projects are not always doing the best work. Some areas have become dependent on Western aid to ongoing projects, which reduces the intent of developing independence for local peoples. Do some research and choose carefully. This can be difficult at times, especially when you are eager to get started. But a wise choice is better for both of you.


Wellness Vacations: A Way to Rejuve and Regain Health

Why do we like holidays so much? Most people would agree that the word ‘Holiday’ conjures in our minds a feeling of relaxation. It helps you eliminating haste to reach the office, traffic hassles and many other stress cobwebs that follow you every day.


Fancy waking up at dawn and treating your eyes with nature’s splendor while you find yourself practicing yoga amidst serene surroundings! Wish to live it? Wellness yoga retreats are all set to offer you a heavenly and invigorating experience.

Consider joining Yoga and the Sea, in Spain that involves dawn & dusk yoga and daily meditation. Breathe better workshops are also there to help recuperate you from inside.

yoga spain

We all love food but when it aids in regaining our health, we don’t mind cutting it a bit. While here, enjoy the nutritious and hearty breakfasts to make the most of the wellness vacations. The carefully planned meals are perfect healthy choices. The gorgeous and tranquil bay of Moraira invites you to revel in fun, and eschew dullness as you are doing it all to restore energy and reinvigorate yourself.

healthy food

Or you could savor the holistic experience of a Costa Rica Wellness Escape where you will be undergoing wellness therapies encompassing exercise, massage and relaxation techniques. While doing all this, you still do not need to compromise with the ‘holiday feel’ as you will not lack in leisure and comfort time during your sojourn.

Let your next holiday brings you unequivocal health and improved vigor!

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Making Waves: A Yoga Break in Morocco

I’d been on one or two group holidays but always found they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Don’t get me wrong. They were fun. But somehow, we never made the best use of our time. Couples paired off or people did their own thing. There was no focus to the experience. Always a team player, I wanted something where we could really bond.

Weighing Up the Options

yoga1I don’t remember who suggested a wellness retreat but it was only when I saw the variety of resorts on offer that I really became excited. We created a checklist of activities we wanted to include. Yoga went on the top of the list but there was also an interest in doing some kind of adventure activity like surfing.


With some key goals in mind we soon whittled our choices down to the Paradis Plage in Morocco. Not only did it have an excellent yoga school but also had a partnership with an Australian surfing company called Rip Curl. I got what I wanted, a trip which was focused and activity-packed; a trip where everyone didn’t just disappear on their own adventures.

Waking to the Amber Sun


We started early each morning, which wasn’t hard. We woke to a world of green palm trees and orange brick buildings, pink pavilions and sandy beaches. And the ocean drawing breath on the Moroccan coast. We spent the mornings in the yoga schools exerting our bodies and freeing our minds. In the afternoons, we headed over to the surfing area where some of us rode the waves and others fell in the brave attempt.

As wellness retreats go, it was more than I expected. To me it just felt like the holiday I’d always wanted to have. The sun, the sea, great food and old friends. It was only when we got back that I realized how fresh and revitalized I felt. I really felt good, which was definitely a bonus.

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